Are you ready to manifest the life you love?


How does your dream life look like?

  • What would be your dream job or business?
  • How much money you would be earning?
  • What kind of impact would you be making on the world?
  • Who would you wake up next to, every day?
  • How would you feel when you look at yourself?

I invite you to create this dream life right NOW by taking simple action!

Join my 30 Days of Creating Abundance Program and build a mindset that will open all the doors to your dream life.

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  • “I feel the energy to achieve my goals. This program has given me a new perspective to view my goals and life. I have included gratitude in my daily routine. Moreover, I feel a new energy system to achieve my vision and goals. Whenever I feel low, I go to the exercises prescribed by her. Thank you.”

    Darshan Shah, Entrepreneur

You will transform these 5 important areas of your life by shifting your mindset to Abundance.

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  • Stuck in a dead-end job with no future
  • Your career is not moving at the right pace
  • There is no value for what you do and you don't get paid enough
  • Don't have clarity on how to progress
  • My business has become stagnant, it's not growing

Do these issues sound familiar to you? It might look like these are common issues each one has but a mindset shift can transform these issues quickly.

Are you ready for the one?

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  • You are so busy that you don't get time to enjoy relationships
  • Relationships have settled in to a steady routine with very little joy and excitement
  • There are more arguments than moments of joy

Are you dealing with one of these?

If yes, by opening your mind to the abundance you can actually bring aliveness and love in your relationships.

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  • You always compromise your desires for lack of money
  • A lot of times you get stuck to do things for your family as you don't have enough money
  • You feel you deserve to earn more money but you are stuck
  • Savings look like a distant project

Is your primary issue to make your bank balance 7 digits? How about breaking these limits of 6-7 digits bank balance and making it limitless?

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  • You are worried that you don't pay attention to your health
  • Are your stress levels impacting your daily routine?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed most of the time?
  • Is your vital energy low to fulfill all your passion?

Is this you?

Do you know a mindset shift has a direct impact on your health and wellness? Take action now to bring yourself back in balance!

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Fun and leisure

  • You haven't really connected with Friends for a long time.
  • Is traveling across the globe your passion and dream but yet to come true?
  • Do you struggle to find time for your hobby, recreation, and new things to learn?

Not having enough time is midblock. You can easily overcome it and create time for your fun and leisure.

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Structure and Benefits Of the Program

30 Days Program On WhatsApp

You will receive one audiovisual post every day on a WhatsApp group with one manifesting technique and activity for the day. You can do the activity anytime in next 24 hours. It will need 30-40 minutes of your day.

Manifestation Workbook

Get different journals, worksheets, checklists, and logs to practice manifestation. This workbook will help you to make your manifestation journey powerful. You can either use it in soft copy or take a print of whatever required.

Cost of the program - INR 1999/-

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    “I got many opportunities to celebrate after participating in Abundance Program.”

    I did new things successfully giving me chance to celebrate. I've become more positive calling for celebration. I'm learning new things giving reason to celebrate!!

    Pallavi Dabholkar, Advocate

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    “I felt very positive and Grateful.”

    I had participated in 30 Days Abundance Program. It was enriching experience. There is so much in and around us abundance. Only we need to focus and pay attention to it. I experienced it. The program was well designed and executed. Thanks Prajakta.

    Jagganath Dugle, Personality Development Trainer

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    “It allowed me to be fully positive all the time.”

    The Abundance program by Prajakta was incredible. It allowed me to be fully positive all the time. I loved her program because she had something new to offer every day. Thank you so much Prajakta. I love waking up to the posts that you post every day.

    Rashmee Bhatia-Gajra, Founder, Anmol Baby Carriers

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    “ I enjoyed almost all the schedules implemented in daily routine.”

    I followed all the manifestation tools uploaded daily I enjoyed almost all the schedules implemented in daily routine I assure I am now a different person. With positive prospective Specially no complaint, complimenting own self and decluttering has really helped a lot. I was too much worried about future now I am relaxed. Thanks a lot Prajakta.

    Anup Dhanuka, Advocate

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    “I started to realize my life goals and how to and ways to achieve it through the guided motivation sessions.”

    I had started getting frustrated working from home.Things started turning good as soon as I joined and I started getting positive energy, feedback, and good omens around me and my work life. . I am really thankful to you Prajakta and I truly started believing in"when you really want something, all the universe conspire in helping you to achieve it.

    Kedar Gogate, Consultaant, HSBC bank.

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    “My business grew in the last 21 days and still growing”

    I could see Abundance around me everywhere. The biggest accomplishment of participating in this program is I have started living without guilt and blaming others. I realized my life is a beautiful journey.

    Toral Somaiya, Financial Advisor

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    “I pitched my services to 2 clients with the highest fees and full confidence.”

    I closed business with a new client during this program. This is the highest paying client. I got new inquiries without putting any effort. Another area where I experienced abundance of love is with my child. This is just magical!

    Sanjay Wadhwa, Business Coach

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    “I am able to connect better with people.”

    I am able to keep aside views and opinions and connect better with people. Too much work in the office is now occurring like an abundance of opportunities. I am able to do it without being hassled.

    Pallavi Kulkarni, Project Manager

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    “I feel the energy to achieve my goals.”

    This program has given me a new perspective to view my goals and life. I have included gratitude in my daily routine. Moreover, I feel a new energy system to achieve my vision and goals. Whenever I feel low, I go to the exercises prescribed by her. Thank you.

    Darshan Shah, Entrepreneur

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    “I could double my income even in lockdown.”

    This program helped in creating Abundance mindset which helped me to look at opportunities even in times of breakdown. I could create Abundance in my family time too!

    Anurag Chandekar, Sales and marketing Head

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    “I can now see Abundance everywhere in my life.”

    Before joining this program I thought that abundance means lots of money only, and it will come in my life like magic. Now I got the mindset shift to feel and see the Abundance everywhere around me.

    Shirish Golegaonkar, Sales Manager