Hi, I am Prajakta.

Manifestation coach, Thinker, Listener, Traveler and Health Enabler

I have coached people from different walks of life. Making a difference by enhancing their quality of life is my passion and this gives me immense joy and a happy high! I am an engineer by education and a coach by passion and profession.

I’m based in Mumbai, India. My journey to being a coach started in 2013. I attended one program where I discovered coaching as a profound thing that can turn around people’s lives and cause miraculous results.

I was going through a tough phase where things were just not going in the RIGHT direction. While I was working for an organization, I have been questioned about my performance, productivity, and efficiency by my employer in spite of working hard with full integrity and honesty.

While thinking about this situation, I realized how can I own up this situation and transform it. How can I take things in the direction I want to and I asked myself, what is it that I would want as an outcome of this situation? The first answer was peace of mind, sense of accomplishment, and victory.

I took charge of the situation, and let go of all the complaints I have with my employer. I decided to take this as a learning and move on. I quit my job and decided to do what really gives me joy, satisfaction.

AND I TOOK A LEFT TURN! I started to follow my passion of making a difference to peoples life via coaching.


How coaching can help you achieve your dreams!

Coaching helps in changing the perception that can actually change your life. The perception we have about ourselves, others, situations, and circumstances in our life shapes our actions. We make our perception a truth and thereby stop looking at other angles life has to show us. When we work with a coach, is actually when we get the ability to look at the same situation with different virtues which then,can give us a different set of actions.

Results are the outcome of an action taken. If we are looking for different results what fundamentally should alter, is our actions. And actions are the outcome of our thoughts and feelings. So to alter the results we need to alter the way we think and the way we feel about certain aspects of our life.

Each one of you can cause the results you want to cause. And I am here, excited to coach you in your journey to cause abundance.
  • “Prajakta runs an amazing program. While doing the program I saw so many things happen that looked like miracles. Increased enquiries, the highest amount of sales, happy days, magical experiences and much more.”

    Sanjay Wadhwa, Business Coach


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